Pela Terra II Regenerate – Fundo de Capital de Risco Fechado


Fund status: Active
Size: €100 million

Pela Terra II employs a straightforward base strategy of purchasing, holding, and cultivating large orchards, delivering simplicity in yield generation. The result? Solid capital preservation and an annual yield that grows on trees.

But the project offers more than just economic stability; it represents an investment with a deep social purpose. Investing in nature creates a powerful platform for environmental progress and enduring prosperity. The Pela Terra mission remains unchanged since its foundation, “to revere the decline in soil health, at scale”.

Please Note: this is a Venture Capital Fund. It is not guaranteed that capital invested will be reimbursed, or that the Fund will distribute returns. All amounts indicated as returns, are potential returns that may or may not be distributed and may vary in accordance with the Fund’s performance.


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