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Antonio Pereira

António Pereira

Partner / COO

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António is a qualified Lawyer specialising in Private Wealth Management, in which he actively monitors, advises and provides consultancy services regarding the implementation of various real estate and financial investments.

With a vast in-depth knowledge of best practice relating to due diligence and risk assessment of investments, and ‘AML’ and ‘KYC’ procedures, Antonio is very much involved in dealing with the Portuguese Stock Market’s Regulator. This coordination and liaison includes; the establishment of Venture Capital Funds, risk investment mitigation, identification, prevention and implementation of measures related to Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest issues, team and client management, and ongoing client supervision regarding onboarding procedures.

António also has experience in the daily monitoring requirements that need to be undertaken for individual and institutional clients, relating to Investment Funds and Venture Capital Funds.

Diogo Saraiva de Ponte

Partner / CIO

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Diogo Saraiva de Ponte previously established and managed two Asset Management Licenses. He managed more than €1billion of assets under management, covering different asset classes across a number of continents. He is an experienced Investment Committee member as well as coordinating and being responsible for the investment, exit and management strategies of fund portfolios.  

Diogo has also served as a director of various international companies, in jurisdictions such as Switzerland, Luxembourg and Portugal. He has extensive experience dealing with transactions in different countries, across a wide range of sectors, including investments (and restructuring of assets), divestments, private and public offerings, and monitoring. 

Previously he worked for a major Private Equity institution in Portugal and for a Millennium Investment Bank, as a Senior Manager.

He has been a guest speaker at several conferences in; Luxembourg, Belgium, Angola and Portugal, and is also an opinion guest writer for an economic newspaper.

Gisela Martins

Board Member

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Gisela is a qualified lawyer focused on corporate and tax law, mergers and acquisitions, and commercial contracts.

With over 20 years’ experience, she regularly acts on a broad range of domestic and cross-border transactions. More specifically, she advises Portuguese and international corporate clients on matters relating to; corporate and tax law, commercial contracts, and corporate governance.

She had been involved in a wide variety of domestic and international transactions, with a particular focus on; mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and corporate reorganisations, asset purchases, creation of investment vehicles, private equity and venture capital financing.

She also has extensive experience in providing advice and counselling on the taxation of high net worth individuals. Gisela has extensive knowledge of; ‘AML’ and ‘KYC’ procedures, due diligence, and risk assessment of both clients and investments. This expertise was gained when she worked at a Private Wealth Management Company

Corporate Entities

Board of Directors

Partner / COO: Antonio Pereira

Partner / CIO: Diogo Saraiva de Ponte

Board Member: Gisela Martins

Supervisory Board

President: Jónatas Margarida

Member: Alexandre de Araujo

Member: Miguel Antão

External Auditor

Effective: Carrilho & Associados, SROC, Lda

Alternate: Hélder Martins Morais

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