InVino Capital – Fundo de Capital de Risco Fechado


Fund status: Authorized
Size: €35 million
Subscription End Date: 07.2025

InVino Capital – Fundo de Capital de Risco Fechado invests in companies with the concept of transforming working farms and heritage sites (e.g., vineyards, olive groves, cork forest, manor houses) into sustainable resorts, offering a full eco & wine-based experience where guests will enjoy unique F&B hospitality based on a true “bio-farm to table” process with a perfect fit to the post-Covid hospitality “new normal”.

The capital of the Fund is targeted towards investing in companies or projects offering high potential for growth and development of underlying assets and value. The targeted projects shall act in the business areas of eco and wine tourism, maximizing the real estate and hospitality businesses by their integration with the agroforestry and/or wine businesses.

The objective is to combine greenfield and brownfield projects with some already under operations, so the Fund may also allocate its capital to projects for the recovery and turnaround of enterprises, companies or opportunistic special situations.

The developments shall be in line with the best sustainable practices and focus on generating impact, creating new jobs, balancing the social and regional asymmetries, preserving the nature and local heritage (e.g., culture, traditions).

Please Note: this is a Private Equity / Venture Capital Fund. It is not guaranteed that capital invested will be reimbursed, or that the Fund will distribute returns. All amounts indicated as returns, are potential returns that may or may not be distributed and may vary in accordance with the Fund’s performance.


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