STAG Fund Management: What makes us different?

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STAG Fund Management, SCR, S.A. is an independent Venture Capital Fund Manager, based in Portugal, and specialising in managing investments in Portuguese companies.

STAG is registered and supervised by the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM).

What Makes Us Different?

The quality of our service and the values that underpin STAG, make us unique. The real difference is the calibre of the professionals working at STAG, their experience and expertise.   

STAG´s team of professionals are extremely well-qualified and have over 25 years combined experience in dealing with private equity, corporate restructuring and corporate finance. 

The STAG Team

Experience across the STAG team includes; working in the international finance sector not only in Portugal, but also in the UK, Malta and South Africa. The President Sean Dowden, has also previously been responsible for establishing and managing a Trust Company and a Fund Administrator, both regulated entities.

Previous organisations, where members of the team have worked include; Barclays PLC, London, the Dixcart Group, and Ernst & Young Portugal.

Qualifications, across the team include an Executive MBA, two separate Law Degrees from the University of Law of Lisbon and an LL. M from the Portuguese Catholic University. An additional STAG professional is licenced as a chartered accountant in both South Africa, with SAICA, and in the United Kingdom with ICAEW.

STAG Services

STAG is constantly evaluating and analysing the Portuguese market, searching for projects offering a high growth potential, and that can create value for investors and for the community. 

The goal is not always a quick return, but rather to grow together with the companies in which the Venture Capital Funds, managed by STAG, invest.

Service 1: Evaluation

STAG identifies emerging and expansion-stage companies, offering a long-term investment potential, and with a proven ability to build value in the early stages. This support is provided through access to an unparalleled network of capital and technological and commercial resources.

Service 2: Day to day support 

STAG takes a very ‘hands on’ approach to all the projects that we are part of. We take great  pleasure in not only being the representative of the investors, but also, due to the experience of our team, playing a key supporting role within the companies, thereby helping them to achieve their full potential.

Service 3: Business plan and asset evaluation 

Before any investment is made, STAG will conduct a thorough evaluation of the target investment to be undertaken. This analysis will cover the financial background of the company, liabilities, growth potential, asset and an evaluation of the Intellectual Property. 

STAG Values

STAG values are unique and shape our identity and corporate personality. 

They make us different and are generally what attracts our clients and ensures that they have a positive experience of STAG and, enjoy the quality of service that we deliver.

  • Excellence: we are independent – privately owned and not tied to any Group. This means that we can provide clients with an individual approach that meets their particular circumstances. Our professionals are not only highly qualified and experienced but are also independent thinkers.
  • Meticulous: we pay meticulous attention to detail.  Client objectives can be complex and varied and we listen carefully, to make sure that we understand specific aims, ambitions and ideas. At every stage we analyse and evaluate and ensure that all of the due diligence and risk analysis steps have taken place.
  • Innovation: we play an active and dynamic role in evaluating investment opportunities. Potential return is a critical factor but we also research Venture Capital Fund options that offer other benefits in terms of improving the environment and/or developing a specific region in a sympathetic way and providing new job opportunities.

Additional Information

If you have any questions and/or would like to know anything more about the STAG team and the fund management services that we provide, please contact Antonio Pereira at the Lisbon office of

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