Wisdom Link

STAG CORE – Fundo de Capital de Risco Fechado, Wisdom Link, Sub-Fund


Fund status: Active
Size: €20million

Wisdom Link, is a sub-fund from STAG Core Fund, dedicated to advancing innovation by exclusively investing in companies deeply engaged in research and development (SIFIDE)

In pursuit of its investment policy, Wisdom Link strategically invests in equity instruments, securities, and convertible or exchangeable rights. This ensures a well-defined approach to equity and quasi-equity realization. Importantly, the Sub-Fund distinguishes itself by exclusively investing in companies based in Portugal, aiming to bolster and empower the national ecosystem.

Wisdom Link mission is fostering innovation, supporting research and development, and contributing to the growth of Portugal’s technological landscape. By adhering to stringent investment criteria and focusing on national enterprises, the Sub-Fund aims to play a pivotal role in shaping a robust and dynamic ecosystem of technological advancements.


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